Think Before You Speak…

I love my daughter.


“If you can’t say anything nice”…

We’ve all heard it.

When I was little, I remember getting told that occasionally. Now, as a mom, I have found myself saying the same thing to my own kids. It’s usually when they’re in a heated argument over who gets to sit in the middle seat or a great debate over who ate the last piece of licorice. Usually, I am able to end the arguments pretty swiftly by confessing that, “IT WAS ME! I ate the last piece, and it was GOOD!”

Yes, my kids fight. And yes, sometimes, when they do…they don’t say very nice things.

We’re all guilty. Things have been said that we wish we could take back. Words spew out of our mouths that should have gone through some type of filter first. But once the words have been spoken, they’re out.

Emaleigh came home from school yesterday…

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Here’s to New Beginnings and Growth

So it’s the beginning of a new year…well, sort of. It’s 28 days into it. So to start off my blogging “career,” I deemed it necessary to point out the fact that I started this blog in November of 2011…I even bought the domain!….yeah, about that…I haven’t had. one. single. solitary. post. since November 2011. Oops.

Here’s the reason for that:

“Potential is one the most overrated qualities of a person. Potential is the hiding place of talent that is afraid to create due to fear of criticism that it might not live up to others’ expectations.”

~Ryan Smith

It was recently brought to my attention by a few people whom (you know who you are) I highly respect that not utilizing the talents and gifts that you’ve been given only lends to others the credibility that their notions about you being nothing special to the world are in fact, in every way, true. That other people’s perception is that you’re just floating around, not really doing much for the world or your job and quite frankly, if that’s you–you’re missing it. (More on that in another post.) What I mean is that if we possess all the knowledge, talent, and potential in the world, it essentially means nothing if those things do not manifest themselves into something that benefits others or if it doesn’t translate into hard work that can be seen and appreciated by others in some way, shape, or form. Wow, that’s a harsh truth. (Again, more on that in another post.)

I suppose what I’m trying to say is that I’m now 30 years old and feel like I’ve been given a glimpse into my future recently that has shown me living out my true potential calling. It shows me using what God has given me for the benefit of speaking life into others.

With that being said, I believe we all truly have something to offer the world, but it is up to us to make that offering, if you will, a reality. And just maybe this blog is the beginning of plans I have to make the manifestation of that process happen in my own life.

I believe I was put on this Earth to artistically create things, love, motivate and inspire others to do the same. That through my own life experiences, memories, trials, and adversities, we can help each other and share the journey. I am the “pro-dragon-ist” of this little story and this is merely a sub-plot to make HIS story more prominent in a world that needs and unknowingly craves creativity, love, and the inspiration that His story brings.

This blog was created in an effort to show the world, and those of you who choose to come along with me, that not one of us were placed where we are by mistake and through those callings we choose to live, we can all truly have an impact on the world–at least in the world of those around us. Callings that may not necessarily fix world hunger or solve the obesity epidemic in our world overnight, but maybe–just maybe–there’s something inside you that I can help to awaken and help you live your calling. Whoa. That’s a heavy claim, huh?

So go on and criticize, ridicule, or whatever else you feel necessary. Because like you, I also struggle with allowing myself to let what I have to offer the world stay locked up inside shackled to fear, based on how others might respond to me putting it all out there for the world to see. And before these recent weeks of self-reflection and some positive, constructive conversation with some of the smartest people I know that I believe to have my best interest at heart and who are desperately looking forward to seeing me at my best, I’ve decided to begin here. And like you, or maybe not, I was afraid of what my own happiness looked like too. But the truth is that “happiness requires courage.” It requires the courage to step out of your comfort zone and a genuine effort to see what you’re made of. I’m looking forward to sharing more of my story and my journey with you. So stay tuned, subscribe, follow me on Twitter if that’s your fancy and let’s do it together. This is your official invitation to join me on the journey.

In His Grip,