4 thoughts on “what Miley taught me about parenting

  1. Miley is not a kid, she is legally an adult. Her parents could not have pulled the plug on her performance, and I am sure they warned her not to do exactly what she went and did. What Miley teaches me about when I have kids is that someday they are going to branch out and test their wings. You hope with all your heart that your parenting strategies work, but your kids are going to make bad decisions someday. If they make them when they are young and you let them suffer consequences and not bail them out when they are little, they are less likely to make big mistakes when they grow up. Miley is screaming, “I can do what I want to,” Literally and figuratively. She may have low self-esteem, but I am pretty sure she didn’t cry herself to sleep. She is breaking loose of Disney’s and her parents hold on her and doing whatever she freakin’ wants. Same with all the other stars mentioned above. Sadly, they break free when consequences can be HUGE. Things I can learn from Miley -1- Let your kids fail or suffer consequences young. Don’t be a helicopter parent that bails your kids out all the time. -2- Don’t try to control your kids lives so much so that when they become of an age where you are not allowed to do it anymore, they go nuts. I know you have seen this one at FCA many times.
    The performance was disgusting, pitchy, and displayed zero talent. I just hope she mellows out, but who knows?!? She sure is getting a lot of attention.

    • I agree mostly with everything you’ve said, Shanna. I don’t think this blog anywhere is helicopter parenting or anything of the sort. She’s really saying what you just did. We can hope that what we’ve taught them sticks, but she’s also saying the rules are different as a celebrity child star.

      • Ahhh! These melodramatic bloggers are going to drive me nuts! First of all, Miley is not self-loathing from anything I can see, and Robin Thick did not “thrust” on Miley, she did it all and he stood there. Also, I really doubt Robin’s big house is that empty, and I am pretty sure he doesn’t feel that empty inside with a wife and child in his life. We have to stop projecting what we think these people are feeling because we have no clue. Scare tactics don’t really work on children, and we can’t drone on and on about how these people feel because it’s pretty much a lie, unless we know for sure. We can all assume that the sinful life will eventually lead to self-loathing, sadness and emptyness, but you can’t let your kid see two people smiling and dancing around on stage making money and say, oh don’t worry, deep down inside they are empty and hate themseves, so don’t do what they do. One thing I can agree with is that I really so badly want to judge Robin. I think it is nasty, tasteless, and adds to the old sterotype that women are just bodies placed on the earth to please men. GAG. The tune is so catchy that I was jamming out to it for couple weeks until I actually knew what it was about. However, if you really want to teach lessons to children, maybe we all should stop judging these people, and teach your kids that the sinful nature is seductive, sex sells, and if you don’t keep a close walk with God, you very well may end up running off on the same welcoming path that Robin and Miley have seem to. The best way to teach your kids is to lead by example. Teach them how a woman and man should treat each other and themselves with respect. Teach them that we all sin, we all fall short, and we should pray for those who don’t know about God’s mercies that are new every morning. You and Caiti seem to lead by good example, so good job!

  2. I thought she was basically implying that her parents didn’t try hard enough, raise her right, or somehow “let” her do that performance. She is an adult and the responsibility of her actions and choices are on her. You can try your hardest to do right but kids may still get a wild streak. Rules are only different in that she had to worry about image so much for so long that she is saying screw it and purposefully jacking up her image. This is applicable to any family that can get over concerned with their image. Her rebellion is just broadcasted to a nation. Anyway, I just think its all being over analyzed and scrutinized when we probably not give attention to bad behavior.

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